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Unique Products for Truly Distinctive Gardens

Unique Finishes

Our Products are very different to what you may find on the highstreet or in your local Garden Centre.  We don't use machines, gas fired kilns or any fancy moulding equipment - everything we do is hand made, hand glazed and wood fired. 

We use a blend of 3 of the finest clays, proven to give the very best all weather performance once fired.  We start by shaping our jars by hand - our Artisans have been doing this in the same manner for over 100 years.  There's no clocking in - no clocking out, no digital performance indicators to view, just a few very skilled people and a peaceful atmosphere.  Once happy with the shape, we allow our jars to cool naturally.  We then begin the firing process and the kiln used is almost 100 years old too - repaired almost weekly!  The Dragon Kiln is a sight to behold and built on an incline, product placement is key to success and there are no hard and fast rules as to what will work - experience is the order of the day, products are loading in place and slowly the kiln is bricked up from the bottom upwards.

The Firing starts - and each small hole left open is fed with wood until the heats travels sufficiently to begin to process, this goes on for up to 1 week.  After opening the kilns (with hammer & chisel) we discover our tresures and products are taken to be evaluated.

From here we use a selection of different glazes to create the final finish and once glazed - the pieces are put back into the kiln and fired again, for up to another week.  It's certainly not an easy process and by no means high volume but the end result is stunning as I hope you agree.   We are very well known for our signature glazes such as SALVAGE, VERDIGRIS & EARTH and although you can see that every piece belongs to a particular family, no two jars are the same so if you are after a matching pair then it's best to make us aware of that at the time of ordering.

Our finishes are often copied which is a compliment to what we do - but nothing comes close in terms of shape, quality and weather performance.  We really hope you enjoy your purchase!

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